Vote for Books and Themes for 2011

Hi Guys,

Thanks to everybody who came along to the inaugural meeting of SkepLit, the Greater Manchester Skeptics Book Club. Big thanks also to Mykie for preparing delicious cakes for the occasion and to Gavin for helping to tidy afterward.

We discussed a lot of different books and below you can find a poll to vote on your top choice for the next few months. We will go through books and themes in descending order of popularity. If you weren’t able to make it to the meeting, but would like to attend future meetings, please feel free to go ahead and vote for your choice.

We will be using an alternative vote approach here, so please select your top four choices to be covered in April through to July from the list below.

Notes: For “Theme” months, we suggest that we all read around the subject, especially the pseudoscience and the debates, bringing along some of our favourite and most interesting discoveries. We can bring books for these themes at the meeting the month before to share around.

We will be meeting on the third Sunday of each month, depending on getting the same location. I will keep the blog up to date with news and info on the next meeting as soon as possible.

The poll closes in seven days, so please get voting!

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3 Responses to Vote for Books and Themes for 2011

  1. Martin (chunkylimey) says:

    Sorry couldn’t make it; hope you all had a lot of fun.

    One book I’ve been wanting to talk with people about is Religion Explained by Pascal Boyer. If it can be added to the list for discussion later on (or even if you want to read it and chat with me about it in an open forum on here or something that would be great).

    The other idea I was going to suggest was perhaps people can submit book reviews to this page as a way of building up content and sharing great books with each other (or just plain amusing ones).

    • Joely says:

      Hi Martin,

      Yes, I think reviews would be great, and I’d love to see group members submit their thoughts on books – whether we read them or not. This might even make the site a good resource for others.

      As regards adding books to the list, when we review in July, we can add a few new things so we keep a rolling cycle of stuff for people to select. It might even work as part of a “theme” month.


  2. Dave Perry says:

    I still have my post-QED reading list to catch up on yet! I’ve yet to start on “Them” and “Supersense”, so I’ll maybe catch you all up in a few month’s time.

    Too many books and not enough time to read them all.

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